Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bangkok Traffic Advisory Signs

There are any number of things - addition to the mai pen rai attitude - that the US and other countries could learn from Thailand.

One thing I believe we'd be wise to borrow from them is their system of lit traffic signs, such as those used in Bangkok. Not only are there "countdown" lights at some intersections, telling you how many more seconds until the light ahead of you will change - giving you something to do while stuck waiting in a taxi - but there are LED-lit signs such as the one above posted on overpasses and up above the roadways as advisories.

Of course, you have to have to read Thai (I can not), and have some idea of where you are and where you're going, but a local can avoid adding an additional half hour or so to their ride by paying attention to the warnings and taking an alternate route when they see the street they'd intended to turn onto is lit red. I think they're a great idea.


Dimi said...

Ahah you don't say anything about the accuracy of the traffic lights countdown though...
Anyways, Bangkok (especially late in the afternoon) is a traffic jam nightmare, so one should just go with the flow (after all, you are certainly there to enjoy a bit of vacation) or use MRT/BTS or riverboat whenever possible.
Congrat on last post pictures also... speaking about monkeys, I hope you've had the chance to visit LopBuri city and one day you'll gratify us with a post on this "monkey city" (yeah I know, I'm making a lot of requests, but hey I love this country and I love the way you deal with it :) )

khunbaobao said...

VERY good point. I have no idea how often they're updated, or who controls the information on them. Maybe someone who knows would leave a comment here?

As for Lopburi, there's a photo on the post today (Friday 23 July) and yes, we will see the monkeys there.