Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sleeping, Part 6

The man above has better balance than I do. Many people do, I suppose - especially when I'm sleeping. Just two nights ago I was at the edge of the bed, managed to roll the wrong way and ended up on the floor. Sleeping on a picnic table bench would be beyond my willing range of risk, though.

On a transfer ride between Bangkok and Pattaya my driver pulled over into that strip of commercial trash along the highway for a bathroom and snack break and I walked past this guy out in front of the public restroom there. He was so firmly ZZZZed out that even a barking dog walking past him couldn't raise a twitch.

And as long as we've brought a dog into it, why not give Man's Best Friend their due, too? This one was catching a nap on the Northern Pattaya beach one morning while his owner was setting up umbrellas and chairs for the day. Ah, the simple life.

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