Monday, July 19, 2010

Night Photos, Part 4: Familiar River Sights

A portion of the Grand Palace as visible from the Chao Phraya river

Well, here's a first for Bao-Bao's Blog: a guest photographer. My best friend finally agreed to venture off of the North American continent and accompany me on one of my trips to Thailand. I guess he'd fallen for the "I know my way around - what could possibly happen?" routine, the fool! Anyway, he had a great time (as I knew he would) and it was fun to re-visit some familiar spots to see them with him.

We took a dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya river one night and he got a few nice photos along the way. I say "a few" because these three were all I could salvage from the 30 or so he took, the rest all fell victim to a case of the incurable blurs. From experience I can assure you simple digital cameras like we use require a lot more stability for the exposures needed than a moving vessel on the water can provide.

Nevertheless, these three are worth featuring today, so here they are - with his permission.

Wat Arun, the temple of dawn

One of the bridges over the river (the King Rama VIII, I believe)


Dimi said...

Classic dinner cruise on the river... another fond memory !
I remember taking a stroll through the antique gallery by the pier just before boarding. The place was all peace and quiet but, if you haven't been there yet you should go one day and take a look as there are nice pieces of furniture and decoration there... certainly more genuine than those at Chatuchak !!
(which reminds me that I truly hope to see a blog article with your take on that crazy weekend marketplace some day :-) )

khunbaobao said...

Yes, that antique gallery is part of the River City shopping center. The docks on the river side of it are where many of the dinner cruises pick up. I stumbled upon an orchid society show there one weekend. Next time you're there head up to the roof garden for some nice views!

Thanks for the Chatuchak suggestion - I'll see what photos I can pull together for something about it soon. It's divers enough to warrant a number of different posts!