Friday, July 23, 2010

Panorama Photos 2

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A reader left a comment on yesterday's post expressing a hope we'd see something at some point about Lopburi and the monkeys that run loose there, so for dimi here's a little preview: a panorama of the ancient Phra Prang Sam Yot temple in the early morning sun. I don't think you can actually see any of the monkeys in these three shots (stitched into one image) because they were all on the opposite side and across the street behind me, pestering the people who were at the active wat, making morning merit. There are a couple of birds flying through the center of it, if those count.

As the second panorama today here's one taken across the farmlands in Isaan across the back yard of a family I know there.

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Dimi said...

Nah, you do me too much honor quoting my name in a post !! I guess my frequent commenting here finally paid :-D .... but I'm sorry, birds don't count as monkeys, you'll have to try harder !
Just kidding, thanks for the everydays posts (I check the blog almost daily now, even if I guess comments are running slow at this time certainly due to the summer season ?).
Once again, beautiful pictures especially of the wàt (cambodgian style if I'm correct).