Saturday, July 31, 2010

Computer Problems, 2

Renewed apologies to anyone who checks in here regularly. The computer problems continue and I am still unable to access my storehouse of photos and notes, so there isn't much to post.

Yesterday the person closest to me in this life shared the rare opinion that the whole thing was worthless fluff anyway, so all told I'm just not feeling too inspired to write ANYthing. Go figure.

I hope your day - wherever you are - is better.


Anonymous said...

sorry for your toxic review Khun.. those things happen. I'm enjoying your posts. I'm a sometime writer, because I get a kind of satisfaction from composition that I don't get from anything else. From reading your blog entries, I suspected that you might be similarly motivated. See how tight that last sentence is ? It contains nothing that's superfluous or fluffy. I wrote that, ;-) . And as much as a person can be proud of one small sentence, that's the basis and extent of my pride. If I stack together enough of those, I can create a story.

I think you're a skilled and gifted writer. Recently I complimented your post about the observations you made as a storm passed by your high-rise apartment window. More than what you described, it was the tone of your descriptions that impressed me. I felt like I was reading something that was selectively assembled and carefully crafted.

In order to become a better writer and discover and develop my internal voice, I have to practice writing. That's what I thought was the purpose of your blog.. that it was an instrument that allowed you to develop your talent. Give it up if you want, but don't think it wasn't understood and appreciated for what I thought it was. JK

Dimi said...

Okay, this is an angry comment, moderate at your convenience but at least take its message into consideration :

Sorry but your blog is great and anyone who cares to open his mouth just to tell you otherwise must have serious self-loathing issues IMO...
Please don't let us down with it and please don't listen to that kind of crap-talkers (better avoid their company all at once I'd say...).

I can't understand people who try to discourage others doing great things just because they aren't able to make anything half as good with their own life.

khunbaobao said...

Thank you for the supportive comments. I'm not walking away from the blog.

There've been computer problems that have prevented me from accessing my photo files and only allowing brief periods where I've even been able post text.

Bao-Bao's Blog will continue as soon as I can begin posting properly again.

krobbie said...

Baobao, more support that you may show your nearest and dearest. Each night when I am online (skype) to Bobey, we always check in to see what's new in your photo essay. It gives us something to talk about other than our humdrum lives until we see each other again.

Your blog is greatly appreciated here in New Zealand. So there.

Regards to you,

Anonymous said...

I would add that you're blog is awesome.
Perhaps the person you consider close isn't so deserving of such an esteemed position in ones life.
You have a wonderful, thoughtful and you're very much down to earth.