Sunday, August 1, 2010

Random Pictures: More Kids

Despite the week-long computer snafu here I've found some random photos of kids I'd previously prepared and stored on an alternate drive... so although there's not much of a story to go with any of them it is a post, by God.

The header photo today of a boy crouched in the pipe in a play area of Nong Prajak park in Udonthani is another of my favorite photos, like the boy laughing his fool head off after dunking a friend in the water on in Pattaya from July 13th's post.

The boy on the right in the camouflage shirt has already appeared in a photo about Thai smiles on the job, sitting with his father in the family upholstery shop, but on that same morning walk he'd followed along with me and I did manage to get him to sit still for a moment with a couple of his friends for this one:

While visiting a public school on scholarship business I found students there were just as pleased to be distracted from their studies as children in class most anywhere else. I'd done nothing to encourage them, but after only two other shots I was spotted in the doorway and only got this one other shot before they all looked up and began "posing" and giggling. Having learned a lesson myself I backed out of sight so as to not disrupt the class any more than I had already.

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khunbaobao said...

I inadvertently deleted a comment, sorry. I could go back and copy it but couldn't post the original, which read:

"Back with a vengeance, that's more like it ;-)
The boy making the "devil horns" to the camera is an instant classic ... I wonder if that sign has a "special" meaning in Thaïland, other than for its coolness..."