Thursday, August 19, 2010

THERE'S Something You Don't See Every Day

While riding with a friend through the countryside in Isaan we pulled up behind the truck in the photo above, and I without thinking said "Well, would you look at that... someone's throwing away a perfectly good farm worker!" - and then had to explain my somewhat twisted joke for him.

Jokes are rarely funny if you have to explain them, but once I'd rolled down the window and taken the picture I made a feeble attempt - after we'd safely passed them and I didn't have to wonder if they'd hit an unexpected crater on the road and the poor man would land on our hood... or worse.

Of course, it may well not have been trash, but I preferred my original guess so I didn't pursue the matter with my friend.

By the way... for those who wonder what garbage trucks look like in Bangkok, there's one below.


Anonymous said...

.. perhaps the farm worker is being tossed because something has dislocated his left leg.. and turned it completely around.

khunbaobao said...

Well, obviously he's leaning forward, but it looked uncomfortable on a couple of levels. I wonder how they decided who got to be the human tarp?

Then again, he COULD be napping...

Anonymous said...

I love the amazing variety and customization of vehicles one can see in Thailand, often with babies or little children along for the ride.

One thing that got my attention about garbage collection in Bangkok is watching the collectors sorting out the recyclables.
At home, anything put in the trash goes to the landfill. In BKK, they often pick and sort the plastics right there on the street.