Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Night Photos, Part 5

While wandering around the night market in Chiang Mai

If you look in the column on the right hand side of the page (below the Archive, Legalese and Other Sites spots) you'll see a list of labels where you can see (or re-visit) posts that feature examples of my night photography. It's an area I'm really interested in, and something I'll explore much more on my next visit to Thailand. Available light photos add an entirely new dimension to the hobby, and there's still so much I want to learn.

Here today are a few more of varying quality and style, taken in various places on different trips there.

An alternate shot of the above image was used in the post It Was A Dark And Story Night . You can see Dong Muang Airport in the upper left and Downtown Bangkok in the distance.

The fire dancer in this last picture was performing at a cultural dinner in Chiang Mai, back in 2003.


Anonymous said...

your 'fire dancer' photo takes me back to the last time I dropped acid. ;-)

khunbaobao said...

HA! Glad you remember it!