Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thai Smiles, Part 15: More Kids

Another batch of miscellaneous "kid" pictures today, taken in various locations. The boy with his sister (above) has an interesting front tooth that I didn't notice until I was back stateside, going through images.

The woman in the T-shirt in Bangkok (below) seemed to be quite proud of the girl she was carrying - maybe a niece or granddaughter, I supposed.

The woman carrying her infant son was taken near Sattahip, and the baby was adorable even if he was finished with his smiling and laughing by the time I got the camera out and ready.

This small boy below was holding down a chair and waiting for his folks to close up shop for the evening at their food cart along Beach Road in Pattaya while munching away on a snack from a neighbor's cart.

I never tire of taking these "yim" (smile) shots... and I hope you aren't getting tired of seeing them. Have a good day, unless you've made other plans.


neil said...

Never seen a tooth grow between front teeth before. Fang?

khunbaobao said...

Some sort of phantom tooth, I'd guess. I suppose if it were a separate tooth it wouldn't take a lot of orthodontics to correct after an extraction, but despite the "fad" of braces among some young folks, they're out of financial reach for most.

Anonymous said...

the boy in the chair is as cute as a puppy. You can tell he has kind parents who give him lots of love. He's probably a sweet-natured pest, who's full of energy and mischief. I like your smiling kids photos.

khunbaobao said...

Agreed - most of the kids are adorable, and while problems run wild through some poor families it's heartening to see so many of them showing signs of being raised with love and guidance, regardless of family income.

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful smile on the kid with the interesting front tooth. That's what make him special! :)