Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Panorama Photos: Storm Clouds And Baiyoke

If I were 30 years younger I'd probably be able to figure out how to tweak the code for this blog to allow things like HD video clips and panorama photos to display here better than they do, but I'm not.

That said, even an old fart like myself can manage to right click on an image to open it up in a new Windows tab (yes, you Mac folks probably have an easier way to do this, but again...) so that's what I suggest you do to view today's photos - both taken from a higher floor of the Asia Hotel, looking toward the two Baiyoke towers, the higher of the two we've seen photos from previously.

Both of these shots were from the same trip in June 2005, while I was still grieving the loss of my father. I spent many a pensive moment looking out my window at this view, and the clouds that loomed over the skyline on several days were an apt accompaniment to my mood.

Perhaps some day I'll tell you how I'd fiddled with the window latch to open it to go out on the ledge of the building to wash a spot on the outside of the glass to take these photos. Suffice it to say housekeeping was not pleased with the filthy washcloth I left for them the next day.

Sadly today there are two large condominium complexes - I call them The Cement Waffles - that block this view, but if you didn't see it before you can see it here. The top set of images (remember, these are "stitched" together to make one broad image) were taken at dawn, the others in the afternoon.

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