Monday, August 9, 2010

A Follow-up To Yesterday's Post

At sunset on a Jomtien area beach, just to have an image for today

A reader left a comment about yesterday's post that deserved more of an answer than would gracefully fit into the "comments" section, so I'm replying today. As a reminder:

The initial idea behind Bao-Bao's Blog was to provide a place for me to share my photos, stories and observations without the usual nonsense involved with online forums (i.e. profanity, flaming and other abuse) -- and hopefully help two categories of people who may stumble across it: Newbies who are seeking some information before a first or second trip and old-timers who enjoy just being reminded about the Land of Smiles. Some have been kind enough to let me know they look at it regularly, and I'm flattered.

It is - and will remain - relatively "G-Rated" - and that rules out much "adult" detail. For anyone interested about the nightlife in the more colorful parts of town there are already plenty of sites online as reference.

That out of the way, I've paraphrased and numbered yesterday's comment questions below.

1) Are the "Adult" bar and club shows production numbers or strip shows?
Both, in some clubs... only one or the other in some, only "stand and pose" in others. By walking past the clubs the touts will let you know - usually in explicit detail - if there's a show involved. Again, check some other web sites where nightlife discussions are held.

2) How much nudity is allowed on stage in Thailand?
Officially? None. It depends on what bribes have been paid to look the other way, and to whom.

3) Is pornography legal in Thailand?
No. That's not to say it isn't available, but adult items of any sort are rare - with two exceptions: "sexy movies" are readily available in many night markets and computer malls (see a post about those touts here) and condoms are widely (and wisely) available at most convenience stores, like 7-11.

4) What about the government crack down on clubs several years ago?
See #2. There's a continual ebb and flow to what shows are on, and where. Gay clubs seem to bear more of the brunt of "tea money" enforcement, but I don't have any facts to back that opinion up.

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate you participating.