Friday, May 21, 2010

Thai Smiles, Part 5: On The Job

I've had another post prepared for the "Sleeping" series for a while now, but as I was looking at the images this morning they still looked too much like the photos we've seen in the news recently - minus the blood - so we're going to put it on hold and try again to act like things are returning to normal with another batch of happier photos.

The images today were all taken on morning walks, and are all of people while working, in one way or another. The father sitting near the front of the family reupholstering shop, the hotel worker, the Pepsi delivery guy and the girl minding her family's food cart all exhibited a mindset many in the West could learn a lesson from: find some joy in what you do while holding body and soul together in this life.

The Thai have a phrase for it, and it's thamngan sanuk, which means to enjoy one's work. We'll take another look at thamngan sanuk Monday.

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