Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset - Part 4

After an hour of catching up with news stories, video clips, forums and fellow bloggers now would seem a good time to simply let go of things for a few minutes and look back at some more peaceful times I've had in Thailand. If these don't do the trick for you there are a few more sets to look at; you'll find them under "Sunrises/Sunsets" if you scroll down the right hand column on the page.

The top photo today one of dawn, taken from one of the upper floors of the Century Park hotel (a place there will be a post about again at a later date). It would be nice to think that there'll soon be a dawn of reason and communication between the embattled folks in Bangkok soon, too. The one below this was taken outside of Udonthani at a reservoir I've walked to many an evening.

Just above here is a shot of a sunset from the main beach in Pattaya, as is the last one below.
Deep breaths, everyone. I fear the madness there is far from over.

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