Monday, May 31, 2010

Sleeping, Part 4: On The Job

As mentioned a few days ago, this post has been ready and waiting for a while - but with the number of bodies online who would probably never wake up it didn't seem proper to use it. Now that that things have calmed down (or at least are in the eye of the hurricane) here's the fourth installment of the "Sleeping" series.

Probably the best example today of the Thai ability to sleep wherever and whenever is the group of workers in the header photo above: three of a dozen or so, taking a nap on the sidewalk after eating lunch and before the whistle called them back to their paving and masonry work.

The two below this are somewhat logical snoozing spots. If I were working at a beach chair concession and things were slow after the morning set-up I'd be tempted to take a quick 40 winks as this guy did, and I got the photo of the woman asleep in the mall atrium stall from a floor above. It was close to closing time on a slow night at the Suan Lum Night Market near Lumpini Park when I took the picture of the man sleeping in his booth.

The final picture today is of a young man who was still soundly sawing logs on a bench in front of the Royal Garden Mall in Pattaya around 10:00 in the morning. My friend and I supposed he was perhaps a "night worker" by his look, his somewhat obvious aroused state... and still unzipped jeans.


Was Once said...

Perhaps this will show that through the wisdom of Buddhism, Thai's can shut off their "thinker" much easier than us westerners.

khunbaobao said...

Good point - I'd like to think that enters into it. A friend there also suggested it had something to do with growing up in more "communal" surroundings; single room homes where a bedroom was a luxury that few had.