Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thai Smiles, Part 6: On The Job 2

It's doubtful the smile on the young man above is fueled by the same sense of sanuk shared by most of the folks featured in the post about people smiling on the job, but taking that sort of risk on a daily basis earned him the lead spot. His grin may be more in anticipation of getting his face out of harm's way ASAP.

Gan and Dang - both workers at PJ's Place in Chiang Mai are genuinely pleasant people, and it shows. They make a stay there all the more worthwhile. Their photo bears repeating.

This shop employee at Chery Music spoke almost no English whatsoever, and yet we shared a nice exchange about Thai and Western music, even if most of it was via charades and singing snatches of tunes to each other. Sort of an East-West version of "Name That Tune." He won.

The Benihana chef below was certainly "on" the evening I treated a friend to a new experience there. His smile was infectious, although it's always wise to laugh with someone's clowning around when they're within an arm's reach with a razor-sharp 10" chef's knife.

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