Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Pictures: Kids

As a placeholder today here are some random photos from the archives that sort of tie in with Friday's post, in that the first one below was the first of the two pictures with the canal guys who were rummaging around next to my hotel.

The boy above was playing in somewhat cleaner water: a fountain in the Royal Garden Mall in Pattaya. It's one of those where a precise column or burst of water comes out of one side of the display area and lands neatly in another, twenty or so feet away. As children will do, this one "caught" the bursts until he was soaked to the skin. He seemed MUCH more pleased about the whole experience than his mother was when she realized what he was doing and dragged him off.

The header photo today is of kids on the steps of a mall in Udonthani who were waiting out a downpour of rain, just as I was. They had ice cream, though - and were just fine with the delay, eating and watching while the rain came down in sheets. I finally went back inside and found a place to sit, myself.


Anonymous said...

.. the great thing about kids is that what their thinking and feeling is on their face. It makes them interesting.

khunbaobao said...

No kidding - and without malice tend to speak their minds, too! To quote Chuckles the Chipmonk in the play A Thousand Clowns: "Children are too honest to be wise."