Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Series: Night Photos, Part 1

Although I don’t consider myself to be an exceptionally gifted photographer I do enjoy taking pictures (and I'm very thankful for digital photography and the slack it affords us by way of the "delete" button).

Something that's interested me for the past few years is the realm of available light and night photography, and I've had the time to experiment with it more while in Thailand, away from the normal routine of life.

I'll do a proper post tomorrow but let the header photo here set the stage, if you will.

I’m not saying that Thai workers are reckless but there's no denying there's a far stronger sense of fatalism involved with jobs you'd rarely see done quite so cavalierly in the West. For example, the welder above wasn't wearing any sort of eye protection whatsoever; either from sparks or from that blinding pinpoint of light arcing at the point of contact. It made me cringe just to (briefly) watch him doing it, actually.

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