Thursday, June 24, 2010

Siam Center - Night Panorama

In lieu of the Om Yim review I'd planned to finish up and post today here's a panorama of a very small portion of the Siam mall area, consisting of several shopping malls (Siam Discovery, Siam Center and Siam Paragon) lined up along Thanon Rama 1 in the area of the May street demonstrations. On the map image below you can see them all, and further past them a still-undamaged Central World Mall.

The photo was taken from a window table in the Outback Steakhouse in Siam Discovery, looking across the courtyard to Siam Center. It's actually four photos "stitched" together, and they never seem to come out quite as neat and tidy as I'd like - probably because I don't lug a tripod around with me and hand-held photos are more problematic, especially longer night exposures.

Outback is on what most of us in the West would consider to be the second floor, although many places there refer to our "first floor" as the ground level (and it still throws me sometimes when making a hotel reservation at a more traditional place such as the Om Yim). Just to be consistent, I'll try to refer to floor levels as we would in the West.

It probably goes without saying, but clicking on a photo here will enlarge it. Some people have shared they right-click on a post photo to open it up in another window while they read the post itself.

At the far right of the photo you can see (through the reflection of a waiter) a portion of the BTS tracks near the Siam station area. Also visible are a Haagen-Daz ice cream shop, a mall entrance, an Adidas shop, a Fuji Japanese restaurant, what I'm remembering as an Asia Books (but maybe someone will correct me if I have that wrong). Next to that is another restaurant.

On the fourth floor is a Sizzler restaurant. I've walked past (and dined in) several Sizzler steakhouses in Thailand, and the only time there isn't a knot of Thai waiting out front for a table is near closing time. It's sometimes a treat for Thai friends, and comfort food for me as well - having a full salad bar where I never worry about "can I eat this and not regret it in a few hours", if you know what I mean. For those that don't, make sure you pack some Immodium.

Having Outback, Haagen-Daz, Fuji and Sizzler all in one picture qualifies the post for the "Same Same" label, wouldn't you agree? About the only thing missing is a 7-11 store on the corner!

Tomorrow: the Om Yim review... jing jing (vernacular: for sure).

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