Sunday, June 20, 2010

Same Same, But Different! Part 4: Teen Fashion

In honor of Father's Day in the USA - here's an example that may be reassuring to some: given the chance, teenagers world wide can find a way to express their individuality and - at the same time - displease or outrage their parents. While the all black "Goth" style of dressing isn't quite as prolific in the US as it once was, there has always been a way for teenagers to push limits, much as the self-proclaimed Thailand Street Punk above is doing - and he's got the T-shirt to prove it.

In the 1950's there was the Marlon Brando "Wild Bunch" or "Blackboard Jungle" look - the white T-shirt, Levis and longer hair greased back into a DA (duck's ass) , the 60's brought in the longer hair inspired by the Beatles and what the US media called the British Invasion groups, and then there was the whole hippie movement.

Every generation has had its extremes, and I'm grateful on this Father's Day that I don't have kids approaching their teen years. To all the fathers out there who do, though: Happy Father's Day. This, too shall pass!

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spyx said...

I would't be the one waiting for that buy in the morning, must take for ever to arrange it ;)