Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bangkok "Pride" - 2003 (2)

Bangkok Pride in 2003 was a well-intentioned but somewhat messy affair. Whoever thought it would be OK to hold the parade during commute hours on a heavily traveled road wasn't thinking. I had no idea it was taking place, so my friend and I were caught off guard while trying to get back to my room after dinner.

The sidewalk along the route were normally lined with stalls as part of the night market and already making them a challenge for pedestrians, but the added sightseers caused a total jam-up.

People also stood along the road's center divider for a view. The parade's contingents were interspersed between buses, taxis, autos, trucks, motorcycles, scooters and the odd bicycle here and there. It was chaos, albeit chaos in slow motion.

Sois 2 and 4 were full several hours earlier than normal, with not a seat to be had anywhere along either of them.

Nevertheless, the parade did (slowly) make its way along Silom, in fits and starts. My friend had never seen such a thing in his homeland, and it was an enjoyable surprise on what ended up being a very long walk home.

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