Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MORE Than Enough, Thank You

The situation in Bangkok has exploded out of control. Skytrains and subways are closed down, as are many embassies. The military is returning live ammunition fire as tanks and water cannons are clearing some key protest areas, even as some of the protest leaders continue to encourage their followers to burn the place down.

Truckloads of tires are aflame along many streets, as are fires in some shops, stores, portions of major malls, a major television station, the Thai stock exchange, a movie theater and many other spots. It is, in my opinion, an undeclared civil war zone.

There are also reports and rumors of bombings, burnings and demonstrations in many other areas of the country - some documented, some not. Most would agree this is a long ways from being over.

There's nothing more I can offer here today than some images and a prayer that cooler hearts and minds prevail before too much further suffering occurs. My fear is that the violence will be on-going for a while, even if a deal is struck.

There are a half dozen friends entirely too close to the hot spots as I write this - and although they probably can't see this post today, they're in my thoughts and prayers.

Really, people... there MUST be a better way to settle this. Enough.

All of today's images were taken by journalists over the past 24 hours, to the best of my knowledge.


artful said...

I feel so sorry for the people who are risking their lives to make their govt. respond to their demands. That guy on fire makes me so sad.. if he recovers, he's gonna wear scars from that day for the rest of his life. By now thousands have been injured.. many people have been killed.. and businesses have lost billions of Baht from being closed, or looted or burned. Resentment of the rich and powerful Thai has been building for years. I don't see this up-rising ending soon.. or well.

Dimi said...

I agree with artful.

It sickens me to see thoses places I love and where I was like in heaven only 5 monthes ago look like Bosnia today with buldings on fire and bodies on the floor etc., however you have to keep in mind that those people are in it for DEMOCRACY and what happened there two days ago looks like TienAnMen to me.

This "people vs. elitist powers that be" will not be over soon, and will not until ... (include here some stuff that's too controversial to discuss).

I guess that political turmoil is set on for a few years more in Thaïland (it has been for 4 years already), but I don't agree with the cynical point of view which states that Thaïland will never be and do not have to become a Democracy.

Come on, Democracy is the only humanist way and in France it began with a Revolution....

Here's hoping for calm after the storm, and further social advancements in a country that more than deserves it.

khunbaobao said...

I don't agree with all of it, but it's certainly a valid opinion, Dimi. We definitely agree it's a shame this is happening there, for whatever reasons! Seems to this old fart that more than a few people there need a "time out".

Thank you for commenting, and thank you for reading my stuff.