Monday, October 4, 2010

...And Away We Go!

It's almost a certainty that family business is going to keep me away from Bao-Bao's Blog for a week. I may have an opportunity to post, but it's doubtful. I'll be back online by Tuesday the 12th.

Until then, please feel free to look back over some of the other 190+ posts added since we started together on March 22 . The column on the right ought to be able to help steer you to stories and pictures you may have missed.

If you've enjoyed the "Smiles" series, there are 20 with that label. There are also 11 with video clips in them, and reviews of five places I've stayed under Accomodations and the posted parts of series we're still in the middle of about Bangkok's BTS and Jatujak weekend market. You'll find 35 posts touching on "Tourist Stuff" - places to see, things to do and some shared information on Thai culture, as you'll also find under "Thai Ways". Some of my own favorites are under the "Stories" label where I've been able to go into a little more detail about people, places and things in Thailand.

Have a good week, unless you've made other plans. I'll see you here again on the 12th (if not before)!

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