Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flowers, Part 4: Three White Beauties

A blossom from the Passiflora (Passion Flower) group of plant

The lush green fields of vegetation stretch for miles not only throughout Thailand, but across many tropical countries. You probably get the most impressive views from the air, although rocking back and forth on a train while meandering along train tracks for hours is a nice way to see it, too - but when time allows I'd much rather see it on foot while taking a walk. If you'll pardon me for repeating an image, here's an example from the July 23rd Panorama Photos 2 post:

(As usual, click on images to enlarge them to full size)

Being out in the countryside isn't a requirement, though; just taking time to stop and visit the parks within different cities, towns and villages is a rewarding treat, too - not to mention stopping to admire the potted plants and gardens that almost all homes have in one form or another for their own pleasure. They're there, if you stop and look. One of my favorite blooms (here, from Part 3) was just off in the corner of the yard kept by my friend's father (when he wasn't too soused to function). Had I not been creeping around in the yard I'd have missed it.

But before I wander too far off into story land let me again ask for input from anyone who thinks they can provide any identification for the three blooms posted today. These white beauties were all taken within the distance of a city block, but they were at least an hour from anything you could consider a city; out in the countryside, near a house a friend had recently mortgaged himself to.

The flower up top was about 1.5"/4cm across, as were the other two - none more than 2"/5cm wide. It was a lesson in observation for me, since I have a tendency to just stroll along, trying to take in the "bigger picture", but if I hadn't slowed my roll and paid attention to the greenery right next to me I'd probably have just thought "Oh, flowers... nice." and missed the difference between the three similar white blooms.

A white Mimosa blossom

When I'm in Thailand next time I plan to pick up a book on native flowers, but for now they remain a mystery to me. Beautiful... but a mystery. [Note: readers have provided the names that I've added as captions. Thanks, guys!]

Another bloom from the Passiflora (Passion Flower) family


Anonymous said...

These come in a stunning variety of shapes and colours, white being my favourite, so thank you for them.
Kind regards,

krobbie said...

BaoBao, the first and third are from the Passiflora (Passion Flower) group of plants. Weather they fruit or not I am not sure. The middle pom pom remains a mystery. I hope someone can identify it for you.


khunbaobao said...

Thanks, guys - a friend had guessed about the passionflower connection, but naturally I couldn't say. Maybe someone will come along with an ID for the middle pom pom image.

I know I could order a book from stateside, but it's more fun to browse AsiaBooks or someplace, so I'm holding off buying one now.

khunbaobao said...

Oops, now I see Wouter put in a vote for the middle blossom being a mimosa, and after a quick Google it looks like he's absolutely right. Thanks!