Monday, October 25, 2010

Pantip Cheerleaders

Students and young adults doing product promotions is just as common an occurrence as groups collecting money for charities or schools. If you missed the kids doing their synchronized dancing back on May 7th, you can see it here.

One afternoon I walked out of Pantip Plaza (where I'd been having some fun with the "Sexy movie?" touts) and almost squack into the middle of the group in today's clip, promoting what I took to be an internet service provider - Three Broadband.

Unfortunately I missed the beginning of their last trick, and they disbursed immediately afterwards. Cute bunch of guys and girls, though - and they were having fun doing their bit.

As I post this YouTube is still processing the clip, but for those with a fast enough connection it'll be in HD when they get finished. You can find other video clips by clicking on the Video Clips label in the right hand column. Today's makes 12 clips, with a lot more to come.


Anonymous said...

cute group.. I hope it wasn't 112 degrees that day.

khunbaobao said...

Yes, many of them were cute, - but no, it wasn't an overly hot day last September.