Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Thai Beauties: Flowers, Pt. 3

Another batch of flowers from my travels through Thailand. Again, I only know some of their names; the top image reminds me of a type of fuchsia. If krobbie or someone cares to identify the ones I don't know, that'd be fine with me! I'll caption the ones I can add anything to. The ones above were a favorite for a while - the delicate blooms crawling over the barbed wire in a friend's yard.

An unusual deep purple speckled orchid

Lotus blooms for sale at market

Beautiful candy-cane amarylis blooms


Anonymous said...

chleriodendron, vanda orchid, lotus and amaryllis.

khunbaobao said...

We agree on three out of four there... I couldn't cross-reference "chleriodendron" and find another bloom that resembled it, so maybe we just have the spelling off by a letter or two? Maybe someone else has something to add for it. Thanks for the comment, though!