Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sharing A Gorgeous Photo

Another guest photographer today: a forum friend known as Trongpai was on an (almost) off-road trip with his good friend this week up in the Tak province, six hours by car from Bangkok. They'd rented a 4-wheel drive vehicle, but with the torrential rains lately it was a either courageous or foolhardy adventure on country roads, depending on your own comfort level.

At one point river water was coming across the road and the locals were casting fishing nets into the brown rushing waters, showing no interest in getting out of the way of their vehicle. Stopping would meant risking being washed away, so they just stayed the course and made it through. What an adventure!

Along the way they made a stop at Nam Tok Pha Charoen National Park, where they hiked the short distance into the waterfall above. I was so taken by it that I asked if he minded my posting it here today. He agreed. Thanks, Trongpai! Easily one of the most beautiful nature shots I've seen from Thailand.


Anonymous said...

beautiful natural setting and waterfall.. made especially so by the clean clear water.. reminds of those falls in Jamaica that all the tourists wallow in.

khunbaobao said...

The multiple tiers make it for me - I've seen my share of waterfalls but this one's really special.