Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Flowers, Part 7: Mussaendas In Rayong

Some time back a friend took me to Suphattra Land, an enormous farm near Rayong where I came upon this panorama opportunity. As close as I can come after doing some web research is that the large densely "blooming" shrub is a Mussaenda (mew-say-en-duh).

Although it looks as though it's weighted with deep pink blooms, the actual blooms are thumbnail-sized and yellow, surrounded by what appear to be large pink petals, but are in reality brachts; leaves that come out with color, similar to a Christmas poinsettia. They don't grow as far North as I am on the West coast of the USA, but they will grow in some warmer places like Florida.

It was an idyllic setting, and I wandered around there for a while taking pictures when we stopped along the tour. I'll do a post about the place itself soon.

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