Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pattaya Park Tower - From Jomtien Complex

Sorry if some of you expected to see more pictures of the tower and water park itself, but so far I haven't ever gone there. It's located between Pattaya proper and the Jomtien area, closer to Jomtien.

It's been something that's interested me (as a tourist) for years, though, and I thought maybe someone would share something about it via the comments section if they've ever visited the place.

It has a water park with pools, slides and the likes; a roller coaster and other rides, and the 240 meter / 787 foot tall tower that boasts revolving restaurants on the 52nd, 53rd and 54th floors. For the truly adventurous there's a zip line-type drop from tower to ground level and another couple of adventurous ways to ascend the tower. You can't help but notice the tower portion of the place from almost anywhere in Pattaya.

My guess is the view from 50+ floors up is impressive and that the restaurants are somewhat over-priced and of moderate quality. Am I anywhere close to the mark here?

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