Friday, February 25, 2011

Inside A Gogo Bar: Krazy Dragon, Sunee Plaza

While gathering information for something I'm working on unrelated to Bao-Bao's Blog I've heard a number of stories from the guys that work in gogo (aka A Go Go) bars, massage venues and the likes.

Some have true happy endings completely unrelated to the "happy endings" some of you may be thinking of at this moment. Many are tales of boredom while enduring on-the-job drudgery (hey, just like some of us!) and some are disturbing reports of physical and emotional abuse, forced sex (and outright rape), indentured servitude and arrangements tantamount to slavery.

Let's concentrate for now on the positive stories - as I have no intention of going into other details now, nor am I willing to begin a discussion via the comments section. Perhaps at a later date. I also will not report negatively on any specific club, but may speak well of some as we go along. That said, those of you who aren't hypertensive may take the rest of this post with as many grains of salt as you wish.

Over the past few years I've interviewed a half-dozen or so guys who work at the Krazy Dragon, a well-known club in the Sunee Plaza area of Pattaya. Some had sufficient English skills for me to speak with myself, some I had a bilingual friend help me with. To a man, none have had anything bad to say about the club or of the owner - and from my experience, that's uncommon.

While I was on personal business in Pattaya last year I stopped by his table to said hello to the owner, and did again this last trip. Since I was doing so much "available light" photography this trip I asked if I might take some pictures inside the club, and he agreed. In fact, he was pleased with the results we could see in the camera's viewfinder, and I've already sent him copies. These are some of the results.

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