Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Slight Change In Topic Labels

A large grouping of snow white orchids in rural Thailand

I was thinking this morning (not always a good idea before the coffee's kicked in, but bear with me) that there seem to be w-a-a-a-y too many topic labels down the right-hand column for someone actually looking to use this site as a reference - Newbies just learning about Thailand, for example, or a return visitor merely looking for ideas on where to stay or things to see or do. As of today there are about 80 topic labels, and that's excessive, wouldn't you agree?

When I began slinging this hash 10 months ago - to use an old restaurant term - I confess I didn't put much thought into ease of use for you folks who are kind enough to read/research a topic or tip on a regular basis, and I appreciated the email I received, pointing that out.

SO, over the next few weeks I intend to try re-labeling and re-grouping posts in an effort to make the whole thing less unwieldy than it currently is. I doubt many would notice, but I thought I'd make note here for those who might. God forbid I'd delete any of my deathless prose (that's self-deprecating humor there, folks) but hopefully readers will soon find it easier to reference.

As always, comments and suggestions are encouraged via the comments section below. You can leave them anonymously if you wish, and when asked that they not be published I've always respected that, too - but as long as they don't violate any laws or limits of decency I don't censor any myself - so take me to task, if you wish.

To the regulars, thanks again. To the newer readers - welcome!


ShamelessMack said...

No matter how you categorise or re-categorise your posts, you'll never be 100 percent satisfied nor always achieve ease of use for readers because people's needs keep on changing. What you really need is a search function.

khunbaobao said...

Good point, Mack. I wasn't thinking of a major overhaul, just perhaps grouping similar items such as Taxis, Motorcycles, Trains and Airplanes together as "Transportation" - but as it would take a chunk of time I'd have to find somewhere it may require more effort than I'm willing to put into it and remain on the To Do list!

There IS a search box at the upper left of each page and perhaps that will do for now.