Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beach Road Pattaya - Night Panorama

Looking South along Beach Road, Pattaya

From past visits I knew the Markland Hotel at the North end of Beach Road was a pleasant hotel, and I'd wanted to stay there on this last trip.  Unfortunately they did a remodel that kept it off the market longer than I was comfortable waiting to make a booking for my last trip, so I stayed nearby.

I can't with a clear conscience do an Accommodations post about it, as my references would be pre-remodel.  When I was there a couple of years ago the only complaint I recall having about the place was that the hallways were extremely warm. It would probably have been fair to say hot.

The lobby's been completely re-done, and if they did equal justice to the rooms it's probably a fine place again. Maybe they got the hallways cooled off some, too!

At any rate, one night on my way back to my room after an evening out taking night shots I was near the Markland, so I went in through the lobby and took the glass elevator up to the 25th or 26th floor, whichever the restaurant is on.  From the outside patio I got a handful of interesting shots on a night that was warm and humid enough to give a soft glow to the lights along Beach Road.

I stitched four of them together up top for you today, and I'll do a grouping of night shots again soon to share some of the others from that evening.

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