Monday, April 23, 2012

Flowers, Part 15: White Flower Day

Foliage & flowers around a fountain atop the Trinity Complex

There are buds, blossoms and blooms to be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere you go in Thailand, even in the most unlikely places. Wherever the wind (or whatever) carries a seed, rhizome or bulb, if there's some sort of earth and water available for it to begin its new life, they'll take hold. Foliage follows, and often blooms after that.

While a larger, carefully tended garden can be both enjoyable and restful I enjoy being pleasantly surprised by the unexpected plant either flourishing as foliage or blooming away on its own in a pot on the sidewalk, tucked away in some sub-soi or doorway or on a window ledge, and you see them everywhere there.

The blooms in the bed of orchids (below) in front of Bangkok Nursing Hospital were so bright white with the sun on them that I had to tone them down to get a proper image for the web.

The "Pincushion" flowers below were in open shade didn't pose the same problem. Bright but indirect light has long been my favorite, since it eliminates the harsh shadows of direct sun that are often the bane of many people's face shots in the daytime.

Next is a small orchid plant that had taken root one way or another along a stairway in a relatively shady area of Nam Tok Phliu park, by a stairway on the way to the falls. It was perhaps 18" tall, total.

...And as long as it seems to have turned into White Flower Monday, here's one more: a spider orchid (Lycoris Amaryllidaceae) I took a snapshot of in the garden in the opening photo. That area is up on the Trinity Tower, next to the Glow Trinity hotel.


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