Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh, And By The Way... A Few More

A boy with a pet Sugar Glider sat on the rocks near the falls. Note the info and link in the comments below.

The afternoon I invested in the area around the waterfall at Nam Tok Phliu National Park afforded me quite a variety of photo opportunities, and while some were easy to group together (i.e. the smile pictures) some didn't look as though they were going to fit comfortably in any folder.

Since yesterday's post seemed to already be long enough I left some of the prepared images out of the mix, but I'd like to share a few more of them with you today.  I'll come back to them again some time in the future.

The lower part of the falls drop into the largest swimming pond

A couple of visiting monks watch the fish watching for food

I saw several of these lizards during my afternoon in the park

My friend said the squirrel guy from up top was ready to leave, but his friends were still playing with the fish. He was tired of waiting.


Christian said...

The animal in the top picture is probably a sugar glider (a Thai friend of mine has one or two of them). ChristianPFC


khunbaobao said...

Having done the search for Sugar Gliders myself I don't doubt that that's what it is. I'd gotten an email advising me that it was incorrect so I looked it up. I hadn't revised the post until now because my Thai friend was so sure it was a squirrel, but the cat's out of the bag now! The eyes were what made me wonder at the time, but now we know. Thanks :-)