Friday, April 20, 2012

Songkran: Time To Dry Off

It was my intent to let Songkran go after the post last Friday's mention, but now that the sometimes seemingly inexhaustible holiday has finally dribbled to a close (so to speak - no offense to any of my older male readers with enlarged prostates) I've found myself once again looking back through photos old and new that sit in the "Holidays" folder; a reminder of both the fun I've missed and the inconvenience and mess I've avoided.

Water scented with rose petals for a traditional blessing

One of these years I'd really like to experience a more traditional Songkran in Thailand; the observance of the new year, the simple water blessings and showing of respect - and the more-or-less innocent water splashing fun, but on a lower key than the mass melee in, say, Pattaya or Chiang Mai.  Especially in Pattaya, where the buckets of fun have unfortunately become a free-for-all; a place where too many amped-up foreigners (and some Thai) have come to think that reckless behavior is acceptable, and people get hurt.

The simple blessing by pouring a bit of rose-scented water over the hands and the playful splashing is still the norm throughout most of the country, I'm told, and that's nice to hear.

They were playing, but a tuk tuk is foolish during Songkran

The part of the festivities I know I wouldn't enjoy would be getting soaked when you didn't WANT to be wet, were carrying something that shouldn't get wet or when your safety was compromised by a sudden deluge. You can, with some preparation, protect yourself: avoid certain areas, seal your valuables, dress to get wet and all that, but still...

Water toys for sale in Pattaya

High-powered water cannons and guns are against the law, but history's proven most any type of prohibition is difficult to enforce, and in a land where the baht talks louder than the law it would seem there's only the slimmest of chances of controlling it.

A graceful face full

So, today I again observed from a safe distance.  These are images I've found on the internet and am passing along to you today as a sort of Songkran round-up.

Elephants helping bathe the humans for a change

If you happen to see an image of yours here that you'd like removed for some reason, please let me know via email and I'll edit the post. Have a good weekend, everyone.

The Bucket Brigade targets a passing truck

At least this guy was wearing a helmet

A strong blast can knock a cyclist off course, or off a cycle

Probably refreshing... up to a point

Looks like a fair fight to me...

These two were caught unarmed

What a holiday for the handlers!

This almost looked more like a Songkran Flash Mob

Sometimes it's truly a madhouse. I wouldn't enjoy this at all.

Empty buckets of paste/powder piled up at the end of it all.  "Finit" for the year.


Donald said...

Hi BaoBao, Nice post as always. I experienced Songkran once and hated/loved it. I guess when you are dressed for it and have some free time its great. My first experience was unannounced to me and quite startling in its fierceness.
I noticed these pictures were included in the PattayaMail photo spread. Do you photograph for them or are their pictures public domain? Just asking because I would love to use some. Thanks.

khunbaobao said...

Thanks, Donald No, as I mentioned above "These are images I've found on the internet and am passing along to you today as a sort of Songkran round-up".

All of the images on the blog are photos I've taken myself, unless I note otherwise, and to date that's over 1,600 pictures. I watermark mine, or images I've adjusted, so that's an easy way to tell.

I'd be the first to admit they're not all gems - sometimes they're just included because I like them - but I hope you're enjoying them.

Donald said...

Thank You Bao-Bao, I was more interested for myself if I can use pictures such as on Pattayamail in my posts and blog. I have loved your pics for quite a while now, you see through an eye we all wish we had. Thanks for your hard work, buddy,know that people far far away love it and appreciate it.

khunbaobao said...

OK, I suppose I could address the question without my mind wandering, if I concentrated ;-)

If your usage would be on something like the site here (meaning not for any monetary gain) I've been advised you might get a "take it down" notice either directly or through Google, but that's all that's likely to occur.

I've had a number of requests to re-use my images via email. After seeing where or how they intend to use them I make a decision.

Thank you again for the kind words, though. I appreciate it!

khunbaobao said...

PS - I honestly don't remember how many of the 17 images were from the PM... maybe 3 or 4? Most were from other sources.