Thursday, August 9, 2012

Accomodation, Part 20: Seashell Village, Chantaburi

Seashell Village at dusk, from the elevated walkway out over the water

Seashell Village Resort isn't the type of place you're likely to stumble on by yourself. Once again I was under the wing of a Thai friend who had granted my wish for a quiet evening away from nightlife, traffic and other tourists.

Easy to miss the turn on the winding road there - stay alert!

"If I don't see another 'round eye' the entire getaway I'll be happy," I said when answering his standard "where would you like to go this time" question. In this case, he again hit the target dead on.

My bungalow, with a path to the elevated walkway into the mangrove trees and out over the water

It actually was on a private beach in Tha Mai, quite near the area called Laem Sing you can see labled in the picture below, adjoining a long stretch of beach known as Chao Lao, which is dotted with hotels, resorts, bunches of bungalows, a half dozen restaurants and lots of locals, and precious few foreigners.

Seashell is tucked into one of the tiny coves on the "foot" of this peninsula
There were 22 rooms, suites and bungalows to the resort, some stacked up two high, some in a row, and some, like the ones we'd booked, just by themselves, facing the calm water of the tiny bay, looking East. Basic, but clean and stocked with the necessities.

It had a good sized shower area, Western toilets, air conditioning, a decent refrigerator and - something I didn't expect to see - an actual coffee maker instead of the standard hot water pot.  I travel with grounds and filters, so I was a happy boy.

The free breakfasts (and all other meals on order) were fresh, tasty and cooked to order, and there was acceptable WiFi available in the open dining area.  Quite obviously a family-run operation, and they were most gracious folks.

It's not nearly as cheap as other places - about $70USD per night, and some up to three times that, if you've got the family along - but I feel it's safe to call it a good dollar value. There was nothing I felt was second tier about the place whatsoever.

While there were restaurants and social gathering places in Laem Sing (more about that area soon) there were no bars or other wildlife places, so don't expect them. This is, primarily, a fishing area.

You could do short laps in the pool, if you'd a mind to.  

I have SO many places I'd still like to explore in Thailand, but I hope I get back to this spot again. Highly recommended for those who enjoy a peaceful getaway.  I'll post more about things to see and do in the area next.

Seashell Village Beach Resort 50 Klong-Khud, Khungkabane, Thamai Chanthaburi 22120 Thailand Tel: 039-388090. There wasn't a website available that I could find, but reader Keith was kind enough to provide this one.  Thanks, Keith!


khunbaobao said...

I prefer not posting links to commercial sites on the blog, but a reader from Boracay in the Philippines submitted the following comment below. I copied it to avoid the link, but I've heard nice things about Boracay myself:

"I really love the place. For me this place is perfect, the resort is really nice. Try to visit Boracay Philippines too, resorts in these place are very nice too."

krobbiie said...

Here is a link for Seashell with photos also.


khunbaobao said...

That's the place, Keith - thank you very much! I'll add it into the story.