Monday, August 20, 2012

"Comfort Food" At Le Cafe Royale

The comfortable and welcoming terrace at Le Cafe Royale

As much as those of you reading this may love to visit Thailand, there usually comes a day on most any vacation where you miss a dish from home.  I suppose that's far too specific for most of you, come to think of it; no matter where on the planet I go I usually find myself missing something from home, but some form of comfort food often cures whatever glimmer of (usually very brief) homesickness that hits.

Most of us have an item or two of comfort food on our personal list, but I'm not going to open a vein about my own guilty culinary pleasures because they're so junky they're embarrassing. Let's stick with a more gentle example and use a decent hamburger as an example, shall we?

A hamburger and fries of a reasonable proportion. Pigging out in the tropics can make many of us more sloth-like than usual.

The burger today was one of several I've enjoyed at Le Cafe Royale on Pattayaland Soi 3, two or three minute's walk off of Second Road, in the heart of the Boyztown area.

During the daytime their terrace seating area is a really nice spot to take a break and still have the opportunity to people watch while the other eateries, clubs and establishments go about the daily business of  re-stocking and preparing for the evening, when most of the rest of the soi comes to life.

The expression in English is "that's a tall drink of cool water," and I've thought of that many a time while relaxing on the terrace there, enjoying a chat with a waiter or two and basking in the cool breeze of multiple overhead fans.

As close as I can remember, Le Cafe Royale has been there since it opened in 1992 as part of a hotel of 20 rooms, which would make this its 20th anniversary.

Mac (on the left) and Tui (on the right) in 2006

This last visit I again had Mac waiting on me, and was somewhat surprised to hear him say he'd been there for 20 years.  To me that says something about the quality of an operation overall, even though a few things, including bosses, have changed there over the years (rest in peace, Ian). Nevertheless, Mac continues to age well and is just as pleasant today as when I first met him years ago.

Mac again - this time in 2012

A friend travelling with me two years ago wasn't staying there but had visited Le Care Royale one afternoon with me, so I wasn't all that surprised when he'd called one morning to tell me he was heading out to have breakfast there, and asking if I would care to join him. I'd already eaten, but joined him for coffee while he had the full breakfast (below) that he said was quite good; hot, prepared just as he'd asked and more than filling.  

My friend's breakfast at Le Cafe Royale

The Cafe, which is open 24 hours a day, serves a reasonably wide range of dishes that you can see on their website, along with information about rooms for rent:

While there are other places to eat during the daylight hours in the immediate vicinity, this is my pick.  If you have a favorite you'd like to share, please do so!


Anonymous said...

Just returned and for first time stayed at Le Cafe Royale. Excellent choice,great staff and food.Amazing how they can offer such a diverse,quality menu 24 hr a day, even in low season.
Now the painful wait for the next trip!! C.

khunbaobao said...

Thank you for seconding the opinion, C. There's also indoor seating and I understand they did a nice job of upgrading the rooms a few years ago, but my spot has always been on the terrace there.

I also empathize about the wait until the next trip!