Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moon Over Maui

The nearly full moon rises above the ever-shifting clouds over the Haleakala volcano on the Hawaiian island of Maui.  Shaded a muted rose by the sun setting on the opposite horizon the layer moves slowly across the water; a blanket sliding over the tiny crescent of Molokini, tucking itself up under the chin of Kaho'olowe to the South.

I'll be busy with family tomorrow, but I expect to be back on a more regular basis by Monday. Whatever it is that occupies you this weekend I'd suggest taking a moment to show a bit of gratitude for the good in our lives.  It's always there if you look for it.

Me?  I'm very grateful to be here to experience all of it, even if I don't note it the moment I spill my coffee.


krobbie said...

Gorgeous shot. Strangely? we have the same moon down here in Auckland, New Zealand but the absence of power poles and house roofs and general ambient lighting suggests yours to have been a spectacle to behold.

I know there is good in the world but that won't be much comfort to the families of the 2 soldiers from NZ who were killed in the weekend in Afghanistan helping with the rebuild nor to the folk in the mosque at Milwaukee being held by gunmen as I write this.

It's a crazy and fragmented world we live in.

Cheers Bao-Bao,

khunbaobao said...

What happened in NZ was a tragedy; just as the seven killed in a Sikh temple today in Wisconsin. I personally have to try to balance it in MY mind by thinking that for every person killed in such a violent act that there was - perhaps at the same moment - a life saved by a surgeon, someone pulling a child out the path of an oncoming auto, a person choosing recovery to overdosing - any number of miracles of one form or another happening around the world throughout the day that DON'T make the news. It helps me deal with that otherwise helpless, overwhelmed feeling.