Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Having Coffee Here, But Thinking Of Thailand

Homes and gardens huddled together beneath the surrounding business buildings - taken while having coffee one morning atop the Trinity Silom complex in Bangkok

As I was sitting in the yard this morning, having a second cup of coffee and watching a falcon circling high overhead circle slowly as it scanned the area for breakfast my mind drifted back to the many places in Thailand where I'd had similar peaceful moments.

There's really nothing out of the ordinary about that, in and of itself; I often think of times and places in Thailand when I'm looking over the (usually) extensive list of things on my To Do list for the day and wishing I was on a break from the everyday obligations of my regular life. I'd guess many of you have similar thoughts.

Today I've been called to help a friend out with some personal but pressing things, and that means my morning has been filled - the time I normally reserve to put together something to share with you.

Trust me, I'd much rather be going through and preparing Thailand photos for a regular post - which allows my thoughts to stray all the further from the realities of life - but to be realistic I can see that's not going to happen today. I'll see you back here tomorrow. Have a good day, wherever you are - unless you've made other plans.

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