Friday, August 17, 2012

Sleeping, Part 10: Anytime, Anywhere

Granted, this young man had the sound of the waterfall at Nam Tok Phlio to lull him to sleep, but he was sleeping on rocks.

Many of us have the gift (and it is a gift, make no mistake about that) to be able to just nap briefly during the day and wake up refreshed and ready to go.  I was behind the door when that ability was being handed out, and it's always a roll of the dice for me; never knowing if I'll be renewed or feel somewhat "dulled" and figuratively stumble through the rest of the day.

If you're tuned in to see them you'll notice people snoozing anywhere around the globe, but I'm told I tend to catch more of them than my friends and family do when we're out and about together. Maybe it's just another of my minor quirks - I sport more than a few, I admit - but thankfully this one amuses me, so I don't mind.

The young man sleeping in the parking garage across from my hotel room had company on the next bench, but they both snoozed peacefully between tasks

Not only can you see people sleeping at any time, but in some of the damnedest places, too.

The couple in the photo below were a somewhat unfortunate pair. You've already seen a picture of them sleeping in Lumphini Park in the post about alcohol and drug abuse, and while I don't mean to make light of their situation in any way, I was somewhat surprised at how the young woman managed to sleep on the step - partially over the edge and undoubtedly "over the edge" when sleep finally pulled her under - without rolling back just a tad too far and dropping down a step.

In case anyone is tempted to think otherwise I left money under one of her shoes for these unfortunates to (hopefully) eat with when their fiscal morning dawned.

A reminder to be grateful for our own homes, however humble

The last picture this week is of a young man, sleeping between customers in the family restaurant stand near a BTS station in Bangkok. It was past lunchtime, and evidently a slow time. Looks pretty peaceful, doesn't it?  Maybe I'll roll those dice this afternoon and see how I wake up after an hour or so.  Worth the risk, I'd say.

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