Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flowers, Part 8 - And Some "Away" Time

Mixed bougainvillea below my hotel room in Udonthani

A mix of images today from the Udonthani trip before I take handful of days off from posting (see the note at the end of today's post). I'll be back online here on Friday the 15th.

The one above was taken on the grounds of the Charoen Hotel that we stayed at. Below are some blooms on sale at a sidewalk stall on a street nearby.

Blooms at a different flower stall, taken with available light at night. From a different visit, but still in Udonthani.

And finally here's a sonneratia tree blossom taken at Phanom Rung near Buriram. Reader Gene was good enough to identify it for us. If someone knows otherwise perhaps they'll leave a comment again, but my guess is this is correct.

[NOTE: Although I'll most likely be able to check on things here every so often, I'm going to be more or less "away" from the blog until Friday 15 April while attending an international broadcasting convention. There'll only be somewhere around 100,000 people there - so if you see me, say hello.]


krobbie said...

Just done a quick search and I see you are off to sin city ... Las Vegas.

Have a great time. See you toward thee end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that tree is a Sonneratia. What do I win? :-)


Xian Darkthorne said...

Those look like custard apple flowers of some sort to me.

khunbaobao said...

Based on a Google Image search for Sonneratia I think you're right, Gene. I owe you a drink if our paths cross in Thailand some time - thanks!

Xian, I searched for custard apple flowers and didn't find anything that matched. I think Gene had it. :-)