Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wood In The Woods, Or Back To Bach

Purist alert: The post today has precious little to do with Thailand

Snippets of other cultures pop up in the strangest places sometimes. The first example that springs to mind is the time I was at a traditional Japanese bon dance and having Daniel Boone's 1972 song "Beautiful Sunday" played as dance music. The second is the Thai insurance commercial you saw here a short while ago that featured "Que Sera, Sera".

When I'm out walking in Thailand my mind tends to wander farther afield than my feet some days, and some of the oddest songs and tunes run through it as I go along. One of them that I've thought of multiple times is Johann Sebastian Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". Maybe it's the rhythm that matches my pace if I speed it up a bit, I don't know. This morning while going through photos of just such a walk for an upcoming post I stopped to check email and there was a link to a clip featuring a unique and clever presentation of that very piece.

It's an ad for a phone, and it may well involve some computer and editing trickery - but I thought it worthwhile enough to share with you today. I'm always impressed by well crafted woodworking, and this is also a wonderful example of that, set in a tranquil forest setting.

See if you can get it out of your head for the rest of the day.

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Karin wrote:

I had a similar experience once. There is a Jewish lullaby that we sang to the kids as babies. Years later, in a nail salon run by Vietnamese women, I heard the same song but sung in Vietnamese. I asked to see the CD cover, but they couldn't find it. I sure wish I could.