Friday, April 1, 2011

Thai Smiles, Part 31: More Folks At Work

A soldier fools around with the gun of the guy ahead of him at Bang Pa-in

Fridays are usually a good day for winding down the week in anticipation of whatever we may have planned for the weekend (if anything). It's also April Fool's Day here in the US, but I figured that wouldn't translate well and necessitate more explaining than it was worth. Maybe I'll plan something for next year.

Here at home it looks like another weekend of trying to cross regular housekeeping tasks off of a long list, but I hope you have something more interesting ahead.

You'd think that as often as I've shouted at them that the dishes in the sink would've found a way to wash themselves, but no... there they've sat since dinner last night, and despite my regular attempts to have housekeeping change the linens by leaving 50 baht on the unmade bed it's never happened. Go figure.

All things considered I'd rather be out on an extended walk somewhere in the Land of Smiles, watching others doing their work. That said, here's another batch of people I've encountered while they were on task in one manner or another.

The soldiers up top today were part of a "changing of the guard" procession at the summer palace at Bang Pa-in, the first stop on the Isaan Odyssey road trip we're still in the middle of. The man who was cooking BBQ in a couple of cookers in the Sathorn area smiled better after I'd bought some chicken to take back to my room, but he was pleasant enough to stop and let me take this shot.

The guys working in the framing shop were proud of their place and had me come inside and look at some of the work they'd done recently that hadn't gone out yet. Both were friendly guys, and I'll stop back there again some time.

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