Saturday, April 16, 2011

Making A Minor Schedule Change

This desk in Bangkok looks somewhat like mine, but my junk is in English...

Regular readers have heard me say this here before, but as time has again become an issue for me it bears repeating. Between my regular work and life's obligations I'm finding that more and more often there just isn't fair space in a given day to find, re-size and adjust photos and write a proper post for you.

Although we've met here one way or another almost daily for a little over a year, my feeling is that it's probably time to try "giving it a miss" on weekends for a while and see if that helps me catch up with Life. If time adjusts itself again in the future I'll happily go back to posting seven days a week.

I have no intentions of closing the thing down (although that's been suggested to me by at least one unkind soul) and I'll keep at it as long as there are folks interested. I'm humbled to note that there are a lot of you.

So - have a nice Saturday afternoon, all. I'll see you on Monday.

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krobbie said...

Bao-Bao, as much as I enjoy your blog I guess I can see your point. You're entitled to a life too.