Saturday, July 21, 2012

MCHCA Championships at Ka Lae Pohaku, Maui

Today is the MCHCA (The Maui County Hawaiian Canoe Association) Championships at Ka Lae Pohaku, along the beaches a little West of Kihei. Hosted by the Kihei Canoe Club, it's a full eight hours of races with other teams in the league. 

Whenever I stay with family in one of their condos near Kihei I hear the "hut...hut...hut" of the caller right about dawn each morning, and added to the dove and myna's songs it's kind of a gentle wake-up call. 

I'm posting this while I'm having half a papaya and some dark bread toast before going back out onto my perch to watch more of the races.  I can hear the rising roar of the spectators as each race comes to an end, and I'm nowhere near tired of watching them.

Just thought it would be polite to check in.  I'll do so again soon.


krobbie said...

Glad you're having a good restful interlude. The weather looks beautiful as does the sea.

Are you a swimmer?

Have a great relaxing time.


khunbaobao said...

Hi, Krobbie

It's gorgeous here, as usual. Been coming here for almost 40 years; a second home that I'm very grateful for.

Swimming to me is staying alive in the water, for the most part. I float and paddle around, but I'm no swimmer. ;-)