Monday, July 9, 2012

Jomtien Beach Breakfast

Breakfast off to a fine start at The Bondi, Jomtien

If you want to help someone start building a resentment towards you, I can't think of a much better way than to mess with their breakfast. People can be testy other parts of the day, too, but mornings are often the worst. Someone I know well had a number of years in the restaurant business; primarily places that did a brisk business during the morning hours, meaning real-time and people's fiscal "mornings".

I've been told that no matter how you attempt to serve eggs as ordered you're liable to be called down for not preparing them "properly" - meaning as the customer does at home.  You're likely to hear similar comments for bacon (cooked but pliable vs crispy), toast (light vs dark and/or hot vs cool) and, indeed, coffee (weaker vs stronger). While there's really no pleasing some people it's really more on the traveler, I'd say: going with the flow while in another country is often the easier, softer way. Like we've covered a number of times here, losing it with a Thai person puts you in the loser's spot, minus some points from your "face" tally.  I've also heard reliable stories of what can happen to food that's sent back and then returned to your table. Enough on that, though.

That said, I delight in a well-prepared and -stocked buffet or breakfast place, and the ambiance buys a place a lot of slack with me. Put me at a walkway-side table at The Bondi with a view of the beach and start me off with something like that pictured up top and I figure they could serve me a mediocre meal and I'd still be pleased, but maybe that's just me.  

Just so no one gets the wrong idea, I have always enjoyed the breakfasts I've had at The Bondi. The beverages above were put in front of me one morning while I perused the news, not really caring what was going on anywhere but in this restful spot. From there it's just steps to the sand.

Just a minute's walk from there is Tui's place, which has already been covered here.  It also has a delightful view, good food and good service. If you're staying in Jomtien Complex you'd do well having breakfast at the Poseidon.  I haven't eaten there for a year or so, though, and things can change. They used to have a buffet breakfast - not sure if it's there now.

For you more seasoned visitors: do you have any places in the Jomtien beach area you enjoy? We'll cover others in Pattaya proper another time, but while I was daydreaming and having my coffee (perfectly prepared, naturally - ha!) I thought of the cool morning breeze of the quiet beach and thought I'd bring the subject up.

Please leave a comment or send me an email (under The Standard Legalese in the right-hand column) if there's someplace you'd like to recommend.

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