Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thai Smiles, Part 48: Miscellaneous Smiles

This young man was making sure everyone who intended to go into the Sanctuary of Truth with a tour or on their own had a hard hat.  Very pleasant fellow.

Since I'm pretty busy with preparations for the celebration of the 4th of July tomorrow I figured we'd pull a few more photos from the Smiles folder today. 

It's not like throwing a gala for a hundred, but it's more cooking in a day than I'm used to, and I'm still smiling, so why not share a few?  

I hope you all enjoy the day off tomorrow, if you have one.  Maybe some of you to the North of me who celebrated a fiscal Canada Day on Monday the 2nd took a few extra days off; that would have been nice, too.

Anyway - I'll check in tomorrow one way or another, I suspect.

I'm told this woman's no longer with the hotel, but she (and her tie full of what some places call "flair") never missed a smile or salute when you would approach the elevators at the Asia Hotel.

Tinted blue by the tarpaulin above him to shield him from the sun at Chatuchak  / Jatujak / JJ Market (pick one) this boy was smiling because I'd bought two bottles of water and handed one back to him, motioning that it was hot and he could use one.  He laughed and put it back into the ice water. It's the one on its side.

Some feel clowns are scary, but this guy on Beach Road near Walking Street was entertaining. [If you have read Stephen King's "It", Pennywise was a creepy clown, I admit.]

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