Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Hana Highway, Maui

The 42 miles from mile marker "0" to the town on Hana on the East end of Maui have (depending on who you ask; I've never counted them, myself) somewhere between 600 - 650 twists and turns that take you through a lush, tropical forest and over 50-some-odd single-lane bridges.  It makes getting there a bit of a challenge, but there's really no reason to rush, anyway. 98% of folks get there by coming through Kahului and the little (now) faux-hippie town of Paia.

Past what used to be the sleepy little town itself you get to an even more challenging stretch of road that takes you around the Southern end. Doing so can void a rental car agreement, but what's a holiday without a little adventure?

One of many rewards of making the journey (even if only to Hana and back the way you came in) are the waterfalls.  It gets so much rain that during some parts of the year it seems there's one at every bend of the road.

This is one I saw yesterday afternoon.

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