Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back In Bangkok

My bedroom view from near the 20th floor, looking Southeast

I have a nice panoramic view from my room here in Bangkok - actually two views, since my small suite is on the corner of the building and there's a balcony off of the bedroom and the living room. This is a level of hotel I seldom rise to, but with tourism hurting the internet special rate made it affordable. As we've covered before, it pays to shop around. Should memory serve, my suite here is running me about $67USD per night, breakfast buffet, pool and large gym included. Not that I've stepped into the gym, but...

I'm FINALLY feeling healthy again after two weeks of enduring the bacterial infection and the medications to be rid of it, or at least fine enough to be whining that I don't have enough time here to do and see all that's still on my list. There will be many friends I will not have an opportunity to sit and chat with, and with life passing along as quickly as it does that's never a happy thought.

I spent most of yesterday lost in the crush of humanity that filtered through the arteries and capillaries of Jatujak Market. It was, as usual, an overwhelming experience - and I"m planning to go back today. I'm taking photos by the hundreds, so you've been warned.

Off to breakfast and then out again today.


Was Once said...

Hey big spender why don't you rent a condo?

khunbaobao said...

I suppose I could, but a serviced apartment really works better for me on shorter stays. I've never been in one place here in Thailand long enough to justify a condo... but if you have one you'd let me stay in I'll take you up on it the next time I'm here - LOL!

krobbie said...

Are you going to tell us where you are staying or am I supposed to guess by the view. Come on ... a little help please. It looks very fresh and clean and Bobey and I are in the market for a new place to stay in May. Maybe even considering Sukhumvit as a change of scene.