Thursday, January 13, 2011

Better, Thank You

Sweeping up on Soi Pratuchai - preparing to open in a few hours

As we've covered in a couple of other posts, there are some things you can do to stay healthy such as staying hydrated, cleaning common items, washing your hands frequently and being aware of what you're putting into your body (on several levels) - but sometimes it's just the luck of the draw.

It might have been my noodles at the Taipei airport, it might have been a meal the first day in Pattaya, it might have been any number of things; the point is I picked up a bacterial infection that set up housekeeping in my intestinal tract. After a week of trying to be positive and saying "oh, it'll pass - just wait it out" while being miserable off and on throughout the day and dealing with the ominous, unpredictable rumblings that usually signaled another pressing problem I conceded defeat and once again walked into the brightly lit lobby of Bangkok Nursing Hospital yesterday.

Just as efficient and gracious as they'd been on my first visit I was seen promptly, and this
time was out of there in 34 minutes flat, with a total charge of 1,026 baht - about $30US. I'll be taking antibiotics for five days, but am already this morning (Friday, 14 January here) feeling more like myself - as the doctor predicted yesterday.

A couple of folks have asked how to avoid this and the short answer is: you can't. It's just something that's everywhere, and the Thai - having been exposed to it since birth - pass it right along through them, probably on a regular basis. Mine passed through as well, but it took everything along the way
with it.

IF you think you've come down with something similar I can pass along what the doctor told me yesterday, though: stay away from caffeine, colas, coffee (that just irritates the lower intestinal tract) stay hydrated and only eat small meals. I had trouble with my appetite, so when I did feel like eating I ate full meals, and that turns out to be one of the worst things to do; it triggers the intestines to prepare to move things through, ready or not.

After leaving the hospital I decided I'd find simple fried rice for dinner so went along to Dick's in Soi Twilight to watch the folks start cleaning the soi and again watch it wake up from its day-long sleep. The massage guys were out and folks in a couple of clubs that had doors open before 18:00 were puttering around, sweeping up and beginning to put tables and chairs out. As suggested, I ate about half of the order and went to bed hungry, but all was calm!

I was in bed by 20:00, and slept well most of the night. Thanks to all who sent the kind wishes for a speedy recovery. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

BNH.. beautiful hospital, ultra efficient.. and very reasonable costs. I went there on my last trip, suffering from Swine Flu. In all it cost me about $60AUS, and within 24 hours my fever had broken and was feeling well enough to do shopping trip to MBK.
I have absolutely no problems with medical treatment in Thailand, actually there are some hospitals in Australia that could learn from BNH.

neil said...

Best wishes for your recovery.

I have noticed something in your pictures. All the guys sweeping up in front of the clubs are good looking. You posted one the other day. Very good looking like today. Is this a Thai form of advertising? Give the muscle boy the cleaning towel and work the windows shirtless?

Was Once said...

Probably the plane food if you had it. Get Well, whatever does not kill you makes you stronger!

George said...

There has been something going around. Three of us had the same thing in Pattaya last week. I went to BPH for about the same price got the antibotics, electrolytes, and some immodium like meds all within a half hour. The U.S. could learn a lot from Thailand as well when it comes to healthcare. Speedy recovery BaoBao

Christian said...

Same here. After weak diarrhoea for two days, which did not disappear after taking Imodium, I went to see a doctor (in Samui International Hospital), got electrolytes, charcoal and antibiotics and quickly recovered. Fast and cheap service (2130 Baht, in Germany you don't even know how much it costs and you don't see any bill).

khunbaobao said...

Neil, to be honest it's just the luck of the draw. My camera may be predisposed to aiming at the more "picturesque", but the Thai are a nice looking bunch of folks overall, really. That and it's warm here, so working shirtless isn't all that unusual, although the Thai CAN be painfully modest.