Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morning Moon in the Big Mango

A rare and lucky shot with my little camera - enlarged slightly

I awoke yesterday morning to this waning moon setting over the Bangkok skyline. As I stood there watching for a few minutes I found myself again reflecting over the past few weeks I've been here, somewhere around 8,000 miles from home, and watched the birds swooping and diving around below my balcony. Even with the intestinal infection that has somewhat limited my activities (and hobbled my energy level, frankly), all in all it's been another magnificent stay in this land I've become so fond of.

Today is my last day here, and I'll be doing the usual last-minute errands, trying to guess the weight of luggage I've been throwing things into over the last couple of days and either seeing or calling friends here to say goodbye again. I certainly fell short with my social obligations, but friends being friends they've all to a man said "mai pen rai - see you next time".

So, this will probably be my last post from Thailand this trip. I'll be back online after I'm safely settled back onto terra firma in the USA. As the old joke goes: the more firma, the less terra.

Back in a couple of days.

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